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We are OPEN FROM 11 am to 11 pm EVERY DAY! Rehearsal Rooms
Booking cancellations are free of charge only min. 48h before reservation start (after that it depends on whether we were able to let the room to someone else).

Music Rehearsal Studios in Berlin-Mitte

Searching for a music rehearsal room is stressing you out? Getting to your rehearsal room only half the word away? Owe your neighbor′s ears a break? Putting the band back together?

Then you are on the right track with Super-Sessions no matter whether you play Rock, Jazz or Classical Music: With us you can practice every day under perfect conditions in fully equipped Music Rehearsal Rooms in Berlin-Mitte (Edison-Höfe) on an hourly basis.

Our Music Rehearsal Rooms are sound-insulated and ventilated, between approx. 10 and 35 square meters in size and hence are suitable for single musicians, bands and entire ensembles of up to 10 musicians.

The Single Room and the Band Rooms are equipped with high-grade birch drums including cymbals, two tube guitar amplifiers, a bass amplifier and a PA system with effect mixer.

The Session Room leaves nothing to be desired as it is equipped with maple drums, Blackstar/Marshall tube halfstack(s) and/or a Vox AC 30 for the guitars, a Bass fullstack, a piano and a effect mixer with active speakers.