Drum-Workshop at the Super-Sessions Musikproberäume in Berlin-Mitte (in English)

–Drum Notation Explained – DRUM WORKSHOP (date tbd)– 

Reading and writing for drums is probably not what makes a good drummer, but it certainly makes a good drummer reach higher levels! Studying the book from your favourite drummer, auditioning for an advanced band, writing your own grooves, even being able to efficiently program electronic music: all of this can be much easier with basic theory skills! 

Starting from basic understanding of notes, this Dr Paradiddles Drum School workshop by Alessandro Guida will go through signatures and symbols, popular rhythms and subdivisions, tips and practical exercises.

Step by step we will learn how to break-down complex rhythms and make them easier to process, how to write own grooves and recognise the fundamental elements in a drum score. 

All levels are welcome, strongly recommended to self-taught drummers with no-or-little theory background. Reservation is required. To book please write to a.guidrum.de@gmail.com. The workshop will last for 2 hours and costs €25 per student.

This is the first of a series of workshops dedicated to better understanding of fundamentals. Next meetings will focus on specific type of notes and how to use easy concepts to improve your drumming and understanding of music.

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